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Electrical Hazard Protection Assessment

Protect your family from electrocution or fires!

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Do you have electrical issues like:

  • Flickering Lights
  • Sparks at the Outlet
  • A burning Smell
  • Dead Outlets
  • Sags and Dips in Power
  • Breakers That Keep Tripping
  • Old Fashioned Wiring
  • ​​​​​​​High Electrical Bill
All of these, and more, are signs that you could have a major electrical issue that needs to be inspected so your family is safe.

At Spark Smith Electric, Inc. we specialize in complete home electrical assessments that can save you money and keep you worry free.

Our Proprietary


14-Point Electrical Hazard Protection Assessment

May safe the life of someone you love.
Federal Pacific Electrical Panel Recall, Fire from Electric panel, Main Panel fire danger, Federal Pacific fire danger

Main Electrical Panel

Is your electrical panel from Federal Pacific which has had a HUGE failure rate. Are your breakers labeled for emergency shutoff?

GFCI Failure. AFCI Failure, Fire Danger in Oakland, Check your GFCI


Have you tested your GFCI and AFCI in the last 30 days. All outlets that may be exposed to water need a properly operating circuit interupt.

Smoke detector check, carbon monoxide detector check, smoke detectors in every room of Oakland home, how many smoke detectors, how many carbon monoxide sensors. Co2 sensor

CO2 & Smoke Detectors

Have you tested your Carbon Monoxide and Smoke detectors in the last 30 days?  Are detectors present in all the proper areas to prevent accidental death?

Space Heater failure, space heater fires in Oakland, tipping space heater, fire from tipping space heater in Oakland

Space Heater Safety

Every winter, thousands of families experience a home fire because of incorrect space heater use. Is the space heater in the proper location and does it have a trip safety shutoff?

Service cable, electrical service to home, danger from bad electrical service cable, where is my electrical service cable

Service Cable

Is the cable bringing in the electricity to your home properly connected, free of damage and have the proper breaker?

ground wire, short circuit in ground wiring to home in Oakland, knob and tube with no ground wire, no ground wire, electrical fire in Oakland


Is your home wiring properly grounded? A short or ungrounded system can lead to fires and damage of todays high energy computers.

home safety, safety hazards in Oakland home, electrical safety, shock, death from electrical shock in Oakland

Safety Hazards

Do you have an evacuation plan? Have you installed tamper resistant receptacles? Have you inspected cords for fraying or broken wires.

surge protection, home surge protection, electric safety, protect your Oakland home, surge protection for your Oakland home

Surge Protection

Lightning can zip through the power lines outside, surge right into your home and into anything you’ve got plugged into your outlets.  Is there a whole house surge protector or surge protection at the outlets?

extension cord, fire danger from extension cords, electical shock in Oakland home from extension cord. unsafe extension cord use

Extension Cords

Remember that extension cords should only be used as a temporary measure, and never for your space heaters or air conditioning.

Federal Pacific circuit breakers cause fire in Oakland, circuit breaker overload fires, dangerous circuit breaker, Federal Pacific danger

Circuit Breakers

Do you have the proper breaker for the load that is going through the circuit?  Do you have old style fuses that may be a fire hazard. Federal Pacific Hazards Here

Electric Appliance failure, Stovetop broken, stove broken, repair electrical appliance, electrical appliance safety

Electrical Appliances

Have you inspected the back of your refrigerator for debris and dust on the coils which reduces energy efficiency and can create a fire?

Switches working correctly. Short circuit in switches and outlets, sparking outlets, electrical hazard

Outlets and Switches

Are the outlets and switches working properly. Are they grounded? Do you have Aluminum wiring which requires specialized outlets?

Reverse Polarity is a danger to Oakland homes, Reverse polarity damages computers

Reverse Polarity

The hot, neutral and ground slots for a plug have been mixed up somehow; this can damage the electrical device in that outlet or cause a shock.

wire safety, broken sires can cause fire in Oakland home, frayed wires, poor wiring can cause fire

Wiring Inspection

What type of wiring do you have? Knob and Tube, Aluminum, Copper. Are there improper connections? Is the wiring grounded?

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